National Farmers Union

A campaign to change perceptions of a heritage organisation, increasing brand appeal by 56% and attracting record-breaking memberships.

A still from the NFU advertising campaign 'Many Jobs', showing farmer Hannah Jackson as a new wave of modern farmers.

NFU’s Big Bite

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As the largest but oldest farming organisation in England and Wales, the National Farmers Union needed to show members it remained relevant to modern farming.

When we poured over research it became clear there was no single way in which the UK’s farming industry was changing. In fact, the industry was changing and diversifying everywhere; be it in terms of age and gender of a ’typical’ farmer, new and different sectors of operation or even in fundamental approach to farming itself as lifestyle, business or a nuanced blend of the two. This NFU advertising campaign needed to show it was on the same page as its members.

Natural Strength

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The NFU’s natural strength lies in its breadth and depth of union coverage. Not just in terms of sectors represented and services offered, but also in terms of the diversity of members themselves.

As the industry diversified, we understood that the modern farmer was having to take on many more roles than ever before. For the NFU, not only were they seeing entirely new and different types of farmers, they were also fielding new and different queries from the same OG’s they had had on their books for years.

Our strategy was to celebrate the many different and diverse roles modern farmers now had to undertake. To present the NFU as their constant, steadfast champion.

The Skills

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  • Advertising Strategy
  • Creative
  • Design
  • Digital Advertising
  • Media Planning and Buying
  • Production
S3’s creative and design teams worked together to create a fresh, new design approach and an evolved brand mission complete with endline; changing from ‘The NFU. We’re here for you’ to ‘The NFU. We’re here for all of you’. Reminding that sometimes, just a single word of difference can make a world of difference to its reader.

We went back through the files of member imagery and testimonials, pulling out the best, most confident and striking ‘farming heroes’. We overlaid their portraits with unexpected and contrasting ‘job descriptors’, highlighting the NFU’s appreciation of farming diversity.

Our approach works across the three core aspects of membership offering (Lobbying & Representation; Information, Advice & Guidance; and Exclusive Member Benefits) and is easily translated from Press into Digital Display and re-formatted to Welsh, for NFU Cymru. Since producing the structure, we’ve been able to consistently create new executions promoting the new focus areas for each quarter. This ensures an evergreen campaign that farmers look out for, rather than disregard as something they’ve already seen.

The Success

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This campaign attracted record-breaking membership sign-ups for NFU.

This was the NFU’s most effective campaign of recent times, delivering +60% more members. This NFU advertising campaign evolution has also been adopted across the entire organisation – a true hallmark of an advertising campaign with sticking power. Tidy.

Memberships +60% post-redesign 97% retention of current members Click through +42% as new creative resonates Redesign rolled out across organisation


NFU advertising campaign created by S3 Advertising
NFU advertising campaign by S3 Advertising
NFU advertising campaign created by S3 Advertising
NFU advertising campaign created by S3 Advertising
NFU advertising campaign created by S3 Advertising
NFU advertising campaign created by S3 Advertising
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