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Selling out arenas on behalf of UK popstars.​ How S3 shifts concert tickets for Little Mix, Elton John & Celine Dion.

Marshall Art’s Big Bite

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Marshall Art’s big bite was to sell out huge arenas on behalf of the artists it promotes.

With names like Elton John and Little Mix on the books, you might think this is a simple task, but the difficulty is the sheer size and scale of these tours – which typically have many dates across the UK each with arena-sized capacities. Moreover, Marshall Arts is just one of a number of promoters with rights to the ticket sales, creating like-for-like product competition.

The Natural Strength

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Marshall Art’s natural strength was vision beyond the mega-fans – to the mainstream mass.

With other promoters also pushing these tours, the dependable pool of ‘mega-fans’ – the ones who will buy tickets to see Elton et al, every time – would dissipate fast. Sure, it’s simple to type ‘Elton John’ into the interests bar when building a Facebook ads campaign for your tour, but S3 knew Marshall Arts’ strategy would have to be so much more.

It would have to find those people who might, very possibly, if the time was right, think about going to a gig: the everyday ‘maybe-fans’. It’s those mainstream audiences we’d spend time trying to convert.

The Skills

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  • Digital Advertising
  • Media Planning and Buying
The task then was less about making people aware of the shows and more about finding these audiences and then ensuring we provided maximum appeal.

High-reach, high-frequency out of home campaigns using ads on buses and phone boxes ensure the artist was plastered across the cities they were due to visit, while a digital PPC campaign across Facebook, Instagram and website display ran across the regions to continue the message online.

The digital campaigns focused on lookalike audiences, mapping fans of similar artists who were also within reasonable travel times of the tour venues. S3’s digital specialists created audience testing pools to find, through test and learn, better and better targets to speak to. We also utilised relationships with partners like Ticketmaster to gain extra insight into further targeting traits to try.

Then began a heavy remarketing campaign was created to turn our ‘maybe-fans’ into booked tourgoers. Working closely with Marshall arts we set ad bursts around key moments like pre-sales and scarce ticket warnings and advised the in-house creatives to change digital advert messaging in a reactive way. The addition of locations to ad copy further boosted performance. Slowly, we saw more and more customers secure their seats.

The Success

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An effective media campaign that helps sell out arenas for some of the UK’s biggest stars.

Through a combination of tactical media placement and dogged optimisation of digital campaigns S3 helped Marshall Arts shift some serious ticket sales.

Elton John Farewell TOUR SOLD OUT Tour revenue return OF 400% Search ads click-through RATE A MASSIVE 18% Media impressions AT 5M PER TOUR


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