Howells School

A campaign to challenge perceptions about all-girls education and recruit new pupils, achieving record levels of Open Day interest.

Howells’ Big Bite

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Howells set out to recruit a new student cohort for its all-girls, fee-paying primary and secondary level education.

But in the process of exploring Howells’ goals with them, we discovered a real desire and need to tackle another challenge too: overcoming the stereotypes of all-female schooling and of girls’ overall potential in the world.

Natural Strength

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Howells’ natural strength was its ability to develop girls into assured women who believe that nothing is beyond their reach or consideration – no matter their sex.​

Girls at Howells were able to grow in an environment free from gender bias or social pressure from boys, while receiving excellent access to stereotypically ‘male’ endeavours, including sport and STEM subjects. Digging into Howells’ research also showed us that despite rich heritage the school was modern and progressive in its culture.

The brief we gave to our creatives then, was to communicate the power a Howells’ education could give to a girl in a way that would emotionally resonate, while cueing that Howells was a place for progressive schooling that would get them far in the real world.

The Skills

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In response, S3’s creatives conceptualised the striking campaign ‘Where Girls Can Rise Higher’.

Using a magazine-art design style, S3’s design and production teams gave real Howells’ pupils the fashion shoot treatment – except here they were shown oozing in freeing self-confidence, enjoying their sport or working among their school science laboratory equipment. The pictures spoke a thousand words.​

S3’s media team geo-located ad space areas of south Wales that reported suitable affluence but were not already existing Howells strongholds, under the thinking that the most effective strategy for this campaign would be a focus on new customer acquisition.

Meanwhile, digital pay-per-click (PPC) adverts on Google search and website display promoted the campaign to parents who’d thought about private education. The campaign was timed in the lead-up to the admissions window and boosted to carry key open day information ahead of events.

The Success

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‘Where Girls Can Rise Higher’ celebrated the potential in girls everywhere.

It left the traditional private school heritage-focused marketing behind and gave Howells a new identity steeped in the very transformative power it provided people with. ​

Recruitment to the school was boosted and another affirming message about female achievement was delivered to young women who need to see it.

Open Days attracted record interest 2,321 visits to the website 1.5m campaign impressions​ Media space boosted​ by 25%+ overshow​


A press ad from Howells advertising campaign by S3 Advertising
A billboard from Howells advertising campaign by S3 Advertising
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