Adopting Together

The adoption campaign that led with joy rather than guilt, driving 86% brand appeal and creating one agency’s busiest enquiry period in six years.

Adopting Together’s Big Bite

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The St David’s Children Society ‘Adopting Together’ programme focuses on children who have been waiting the longest for families. The charity set out to find them homes.

Our research revealed that the most likely target audience would be people open to adoption but who had not yet been persuaded to pursue it further. These would also be people who hadn’t responded to previous ‘traditional’ adoption comms from other organisations; highly sentimental and sad campaigns that seemed to create a sense of altruistic guilt.

Natural Strength

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Adopting Together’s natural strength is its child-focused and highly-personalised support, designed to ensure adoption isn’t just successful but immensely enjoyable and fulfilling for both child and parent.

S3 sought to step away from this traditional guilt-ridden approach taken by other adoption organisations, and to identify and own a new audience insight; one that would inspire our target ‘passive considerers’ and motivate them to actually take the next step in their adoption journey (where guilt-inducing comms hadn’t been able to before).

Our ‘passive considerers’ were much more interested in the positive and playful side of caring for a child. Our Adopting Together advertising strategy then was to tip ‘passive considerers’ into action by positioning adoption as something that could be playful and positive thanks to St David’s Childrens Society.

The Skills

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We briefed our proposition ‘Supporting parents to nurture the unbounded joys of childhood imagination’ into our Creative Department, and from this our teams developed the campaign ‘Imagine where you can take them’.

Using illustrative overlays, our campaign shows the positive impact that an adoptive parent can have; their interaction with a child acting as a trigger for the child’s playful imagination, shown as simple, hand-drawn shapes and symbols.

We developed TV scripts, crafted storyboards and managed the production end-to-end (including editing and sound design), before creating digital marketing assets.

S3’s strategists produced a comms model to map out comms objectives at each stage, ensuring that we drip-fed information to our audience bit-by-bit, rather than overwhelming them and potentially scaring them off. Based on the customer journey, we planned, bought and managed all campaign media working to tight budgets and getting maximum bang for our buck.

The Success

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This campaign kick-started St David’s Children Society’s busiest enquiry period of the last 6 years.

The Adopting Together advertising creative was human and powerful. It incentivised a new crop of potential parents to take the leap and contact the organisation. The campaign has helped bring new families together, forever.

Busiest enquiry period in 6 years 2166% increase in clicks to website 86% of target audience agreed ad was appealing Additional 13% TV spots delivered


Adoption Wales advert created by S3 Advertising, behind the scenes
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