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Experts in establishing campaigns for brands hailing from the travel, leisure and entertainment sector, S3 have effectively advertised attractions, events, online entertainment and even whole destinations over the years.

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Our travel, leisure and entertainment client roster features sports heavyweights like UEFA and Welsh Rugby Union, travel brands Visit Mid Wales and Edward’s Coaches and concert and theatre promoters Marshall Arts and Dressing Room 5, to name just a few.

It’s this experience that means the S3 team understands the unique world of calendared events, tickets sales and booking systems that dominate the headspace of marketing directors, sales managers and business leaders from the industry.

We know that in a world where we’re selling a good time – we need to sell at the right time. With event releases, ticket promotions and seasonality all at play it is crucial that leisure advertising reaches people when they’re most likely to buy. This sees us plan and buy media that captures people exactly when they’re dreaming of the weekend or planning their passions. Our campaigns work in harmony with your scheduling to amplify moments of peak interest.

S3 also advises businesses on how to leverage the shared way we plan experiences with our social groups, using behavioural psychology and nudge theory techniques across our creative work. We’ll then work with clients to roll out the strategies and concepts across in-house-led communications like e-mailers, social media and websites.

Businesses trading in the travel, leisure and entertainment industry know that in difficult times those with the courage to bite big and invest in promotion will benefit most when audiences return to our great venues and destinations to let the good times roll once more.

Wondering what all this could mean for you? Here’s how S3’s leisure advertising experience can help you take a big bite out of the market and kickstart growth:

Attraction & Event Ticket Sales

Selling out shows is a complex task. First, you need people to know about it. Then you need to persuade people to become a part of it. After that, it’s time for urgency – FOMO, generating a feeling that audiences need to get their hands on the tickets, now, before they’re gone. S3 has run ticket sales campaigns for events and attractions of all sizes and is expert in blending awareness-driving advertising across media formats like TV and out of home with digital PPC (pay-per-click) advertising campaigns that turn that generated interest into sales. We’ll find your audiences in places you hadn’t thought of and use techniques like remarketing to ensure they’re reminded of what’s occurin’ as ticketing reaches its final release. S3’s digital experts will also offer advice on streamlining your online booking processes to make advertising even more effective. These tried and tested methods have seen S3 sell out entire arenas – just ask Marshall Arts, who worked with us to shift tickets to gigs from artists like Elton John through to Little Mix. [HYPERLINK – Marshall Arts case study]

Destination Marketing

S3 has strong experience in marketing destinations to visitors thanks to its work with tourist boards and tour and cruise providers. Understanding of audiences is at the heart of this work – it’s about identifying who might wish for such a holiday and also who might actually have the access, both in terms of distance and disposable income. S3’s brand strategists research audience and market behaviour and trends and help destinations find their point of difference, by focusing on the area’s natural strength. This is then turned into a clear identity and strategy to drive advertising, PR, content and communications with stakeholders and partners both inside and outside of the region, just as it was for Visit Mid Wales when they came to us with a brief to attract millennials.

Footfall Driving Campaigns

Our team at S3 can help organisations looking to drive footfall to an event, attraction or entertainment venue. We’ll work with you to create an advertising plan that focuses on the experience of your attraction and captures attention. PR and social media tactics are also highly effective tools in creating excitement around an event; S3 has connections with What’s On journalists around the country that support features in event listings and guides (just like we did for Pride Cymru, which went on to attract record-breaking attendees) while our social team produce sharable social media content that previews the experience in colourful fashion.

Driving Online Bookings

S3’s digital specialists are experts at creating complex, high performing PPC (pay-per-click) online advertising campaigns across search, social media, display, programmatic and more to attract and convert online audiences into customers for leisure brands. The team measure everything and work tirelessly to optimise performance so that our clients enjoy an ROI positive campaign – as our digital team would say… “if you had a money printing machine, you’d certainly pay for the ink!”

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