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S3 Advertising are retail and e-commerce marketing and advertising specialists. We’ve made campaigns for Iceland, Clogau, Spectrum Collections and more.

An advert from retail and e-commerce marketing experts S3 Advertising for Clogau
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At S3, we know a thing or two about creating ad campaigns for retailers who sell products in-store, online, or both.

We’ve helped retailers like Clogau, Iceland, Peacocks and car supermarket, Trade Centre drive footfall to their stores as well as online through distinctive advertising campaigns that drive clear action.

Numbers are everything in the retail game, we get it. You need enough interest to drive enough sales, to land enough on the bottom line. We’ll work with you to agree a super clear big bite – AKA the ambitious goal you want to reach – and once the strategy is nailed, we’ll track success along the way with performance monitoring visible to the both of us, at any time.

S3’s experts also bring the power of creativity to the table. You don’t have to look far to see the difference a strong brand makes to retail performance (just ask the likes of John Lewis, Tesco or ASOS). Evidence from IPA databank shows the right creative can make every advert up to 12x more effective. Add up all that extra power and the numbers start to work for themselves.

Working with an agency like S3 on creative, production, media and PPC campaigns can help retail and e-commerce marketing teams and business leaders hit new heights of performance, becoming the overachievers they damn right deserve to be.



Retail & E-Commerce Clients

retail and e-commerce marketing experts
retail and e-commerce marketing experts
retail and e-commerce marketing experts
retail and e-commerce marketing experts

Retail & E-Commerce Expertise digital advertising campaign run by S3 Advertising

E-Commerce PPC Advertising Campaigns (inc. Google Shopping)

S3’s digital specialists are immensely experienced in building complex, high performing PPC (pay-per-click) online advertising campaigns across search, social media display, programmatic, Google Shopping and more, then innovating and optimising these campaigns over time to achieve greater efficiencies. We measure everything and work tirelessly to ensure our retail and e-commerce clients enjoy an ROI positive campaign – just ask Spectrum Collections, who enjoyed an average £2.82 gross profit for every £1 spent on their PPC sales campaign with us. This makes them natural, regular investments – as our digital team would say… “if you had a money printing machine, you’d certainly pay for the ink!”

New Store Openings

Clients including Iceland Food Warehouse and Deliveroo have sought the help of S3 to announce their moves into new regions using a combination out of home advertising and direct mail. We recognise the importance of launching with an impact and advise on advertising and PR routes to do just that – generating anticipation before nailing a successful opening week.

An advert from retail and e-commerce marketing experts S3 Advertising for Clogau

Footfall Driving Campaigns

S3 have successfully built advertising strategies to drive footfall to store for a number of brands, working closely with our retail clients to plot stores and geo-target billboard, TV, radio and digital campaigns around them. Play to your strength, and size won’t mean a thing – creative media takeovers of malls and shopping centres have seen us help clients like Clogau dramatically increase performance at specific stores, while our use of programmatic tech serving mobile ads when consumers enter a walkable radius from specific locations sees proximity campaigns do the hard work, so you don’t have to.

Marketing analytics and measurement is delivered by the Strategy and digital teams at S3 Advertising

Customer Journey Planning

And that brings us here – planning your customer’s journey from discovery to purchase, a colossal, worthwhile foundation of any retail marketing strategy. S3’s strategists work with clients to map out customer journeys, highlighting optimum messaging, media and experience for each moment of their day. Providing value not only in terms of advertising planning, but often in other areas of the business too – with sales, customer care and store/platform teams taking learnings from the model. We also make recommendations for optimisation to e-commerce websites; something as simple as a change in colour or placement of a button can seamlessly increase conversion rates or average transaction values, sending sales soaring. Following the retail sector’s seismic shift to online sales post-pandemic, our specialists have developed experience supporting in-house marketing teams as they begin to make their first moves selling online.

Building High Performing Retail Brands

Last but by no means least, we build brands that consumers trust enough to buy from, using a tried and tested mix of one memorable brand story, delivered via shrewd media planning, its big idea maximised over the long-term for increasingly powerful business impact. Put simply, we help you find your place in the world – then help you own it. Done right, this really is the holy grail of long-term sustainability in the retail sector and the key to biting big. Just ask Trade Centre – their commitment to letting S3 grow their brand saw them rewarded with 275% increase in profits over four years.

About S3

S3 creates advertising campaigns for brands who aren’t (yet) market leaders. We help them take on the big guys and become the overachievers they damn right deserve to be!

We’re living proof that you don’t need to go to the ‘big smoke’ – and pay London price tags – to get work that bites big.

Our team of strategists, creatives, media buyers, digital experts, content pros and account people share the belief that it’s always worth investing in the little. We especially love making bold campaigns for brands in consumer-facing sectors – like Education, FMCG, Retail, E-Commerce and Entertainment.

Our ethos is built on the certainty that the seemingly little have the power to overachieve – whether that’s the ‘little’ not-quite-the-market-leader (yet) brand, the ‘little’ fledgling team member who just needs someone to believe in them, or the ‘little’ regional agency giving the big pedestal-sitters a run for their money.

This agency doesn’t ego pander and certainly doesn’t think small.

This is where the little bite BIG.


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