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S3 Advertising has produced marketing, communications and advertising campaigns for a great variety of not-for-profit organisations over its history, delivering campaigns for government, public sector bodies, unions and charities.

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Our advertising experts have conceptualised and delivered major public health communications for Welsh Government and NHS Public Health Wales, such as the national campaign to quit smoking, and built charity-led public engagement and recruitment campaigns to address key issues like adoption and women’s equality.

While the organisations themselves might not typically be ‘little’, the task they undertake is often vast, ambitious and of great significance to the wider world – the definition of a big bite! The task might be to recruit individuals, to deliver an important public information message, or to change people’s behaviour, but it always centres around people. It’s the human nature of these briefs that make S3’s expertise in behavioural science and its application in communications of such value to not-for-profit clients.

We also understand how public sector, publicly funded and publicly accountable organisations work, and how we can support in a way that is most useful – whether that’s working with procurement processes, delivering work that delivers against organisational missions and supporting our clients’ values by ensuring our own business practices are embedded in corporate social responsibility.

If you work for a not-for-profit organisation and feel like there’s more you could be doing, or like the organisation needs a fresh, outsider driving force, S3 Advertising can help.

A still from the NFU advertising campaign 'Many Jobs', showing farmer Hannah Jackson as a new wave of modern farmers.

Take a look at some of the specialist experience our agency experts have built within not-for-profit advertising and communications below:

Behaviour Change Campaigns

Our strategists are trained in behavioural science techniques and advise clients how to best work with the unconscious biases in the human brain to impact behaviour change among target audiences. We know, for example, that human beings find the risk of losing something of value to them far more compelling than the opportunity to gain something of even more value to them. This understanding helps us build creative concepts that appeal to our more immediate concerns in a bid to change long-term patterns. We know too, that members of society today will look for social proof – evidence among our networks and from those we consider peers – to substantiate a message that might come from a ‘higher power’ of sorts like a government or union. This understanding informs our advice on social media and public relations strategies for those trying to seed a message among the public. These are just some of the many insights we are able to apply to not-for-profit campaign strategies, like our ‘Help Me Quit’ smoking cessation campaign for Public Health Wales, which inspired thousands of smokers to quit through clever behaviour change techniques.

Driving Public Sector Innovation

Our team is particularly proud of its track record in supporting public sector and not-for-profit organisations into marketing innovations. We have helped charity clients like St David’s Children’s Society onto TV for the first time, producing a charming adoption appeal advert and navigating modest campaign budgets through clever TV media buying. We have also helped Public Health Wales drive forward innovation in AI-powered digital marketing via Help Me Quit. The great success created by these tactics has attracted extra investment, while our campaign model has been cited by senior executives as one to be rolled out across other areas of public health marketing. Pushing the boundaries of innovation excites us; we’re itching for more opportunities to bite big in this way.

GCS Communications Frameworks & Evaluation Processes

S3’s team is experienced in delivering campaigns using the public sector-preferred GCS Communications Framework, using the OASIS model for campaign planning (Objectives, Audience, Strategy, Implementation and Scoring) and running end-to-end campaign evaluations that are designed to optimise performance during campaign as well as evaluating success and forming key learnings post-campaign. Evaluation might include digital results, media performance, creative testing, brand tracking and bespoke consumer surveys.

Supporting Stakeholder Management

Not-for-profit marketing teams are very often accountable to internal and external stakeholders and partners, which means any advertising and communications created needs the buy-in of these individuals. At a macro level, government and publicly funded organisations are naturally also accountable to the public they serve, making it all the more important marketing teams are acting in the interest of this wider public and that public money is spent effectively. S3 has supported its clients in translating advertising concepts and strategies to these stakeholders many times, preparing communications materials and packs, offering its services as added value and even joining clients at stakeholder events and meetings to present information about campaigns. Recently, we spent time working with the membership team of the National Farmers Union to ensure that our ‘Many Hats’ creative concept was effectively adapted for the organisation’s national network of Group Secretaries – their field sales team – which helped create a stronger, joined-up approach to membership recruitment.

Delivering Fully Bilingual Communications

S3 Advertising have extensive experience of working on integrated, bilingual, multi-media campaigns for a large number of organisations in Wales. We have numerous fluent Welsh speakers on our team and utilise the skillset of our own team members alongside work from Welsh Government approved translators who are members of Cymdeithas Cyfieithwyr Cymru. We deliver creative solutions that provide the best copywriting within both languages, rather than starting with the English and providing a direct translation (or vice versa). Our solutions are also designed to capture the tone, formality and regional variations and dialects that best suit the campaign objective. We therefore ensure Welsh Language Standards are met at all times. We also have a roster of bilingual supporting artists available for acting and voiceover work in our bilingual productions. We ensure all PR communications for our bilingual campaigns are delivered to both Welsh and English language media and have extensive experience of placing Welsh speaking spokespeople and stories on platforms including Radio Cymru and BBC Newyddion. We have a detailed understanding of how the Welsh language can be administered through various media types, including detailed knowledge of Welsh language policies of Google and Facebook.

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