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S3 Advertising agency has vast experience running FMCG marketing campaigns for clients in the sector, particularly for Food & Drink brands. It’s kind of our thing.

Ad from the Bounce energy campaign by S3 Advertising
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At S3, we produce creative campaigns for FMCG businesses that bite big.

We’ve achieved big results for brands like Mr Tom peanut crunch bar, Bounce Energy Balls, Brace’s Bread, Kabuto Noodles and Brecon Carreg mineral water, to name but a few.

As a result, our team of strategic advertising specialists have developed a pretty sharp understanding of the unique challenges and experiences facing FMCG marketing directors, brand managers and business leaders. This means we know how to support these guys’ business goals through advertising. Our campaigns are designed to blend seamlessly with that unique world of buyers and retail accounts, new product development and price promotions that only an FMCG marketer would inhabit.

Our ability to help the little bite big ensures that when we work with these brands, we always provide them with the opportunity to stand out on the shop shelf and find clever ways to take on the multi-corp FMCG giants that tend to dominate our kitchen cupboards. Real Dai Vs Goliath stuff.

If you work for an FMCG / Food and Drink business and are sneakily suspicious or downright frustrated that you’re not where you deserve to be, S3 Advertising can help.



Food & Drink / FMCG Clients

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New Product Launches

Over fifteen years of IPA studies in consumer advertising show that there is no better moment for brand performance than at its launch. It’s in these early days that the consumer consciousness is most susceptible to first impressions and the curiosity or temptation of something new. Therefore, it is vital brands don’t waste the opportunity. S3 helps FMCG / Food and Drink brands craft advertising campaigns that make an entrance –spending time unearthing the product’s natural strength and putting it at the heart of the campaign. Arriving on the scene with a point to prove.

Using Nudge Theory to Influence Purchase

S3 are experts in behavioural economics – the science behind why people buy. Also known as ‘nudge theory’, the suite of communication tactics enable S3’s strategists to design campaigns that appeal to consumers’ unconscious biases. These are particularly useful for FMCG marketing clients, where the purchase decision is often fast-made and rooted in unconscious preference of one brand over another.

An ad from the Mr Tom Show Us You're Nuts campaign by S3 Advertising

Retail Buyer-Focused Campaigns

When the goal is shifting product, half the battle is distribution. We get that. S3 Advertising produces campaigns that translate as well in your meeting with a key retail account buyer as they do on the telly, to your consumer. We can advise on sales decks or plan media around a key target – take a look at the time we successfully helped Mr Tom bite big by creating a campaign to get their peanut crunch bars stocked in the big 4 supermarkets. Nuts.

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Bounce activation

Brand Activations & Events

Bringing a brand to life through a brand experience – whether at a trade show or consumer event – provides a unique opportunity to for brands to create meaningful connections direct with the customer or buyer. S3’s PR team has designed and delivered creative brand activations for clients including Bounce Energy and Oppo Ice Cream, to name a couple – becoming impression connoisseurs in the process, communicating messages that stick with the targeted consumer the next time they stand staring into an abyss full of product choice. Making sure the choice is easy.

Supporting POS, Pricing & Promotions

An advertising campaign can do so much – but an FMCG marketer’s decisions on packaging, point of sale messaging, price and any sales promotions make up the rest of the puzzle when it comes to converting a sale. S3 creates advertising campaigns that complement product strategies and can confidently advise on how to meticulously plan campaigns around sales opportunities for maximum impact.

Growing a Brand Over Time

Last but not least, brand awareness and comprehension is the lifeblood of consumer products and also happens to be our bread and butter (excuse the pun please, food and drink friends). S3 help food and drink marketers and FMCG marketing teams in general land their defining brand idea and execute it, relentlessly, in a distinctive fashion. This approach helped Bounce grow their brand and sales through a ‘smart snacking’ brand idea. We truly believe that a well thought out, single-minded brand story, repeatedly told, is the key to biting big. Put simply: Big ideas = Big results.

About S3

S3 creates advertising campaigns for brands who aren’t (yet) market leaders. We help them take on the big guys and become the overachievers they damn right deserve to be!

We’re living proof that you don’t need to go to the ‘big smoke’ – and pay London price tags – to get work that bites big.

Our team of strategists, creatives, media buyers, digital experts, content pros and account people share the belief that it’s always worth investing in the little. We especially love making bold campaigns for brands in consumer-facing sectors – like Education, FMCG, Retail, E-Commerce and Entertainment.

Our ethos is built on the certainty that the seemingly little have the power to overachieve – whether that’s the ‘little’ not-quite-the-market-leader (yet) brand, the ‘little’ fledgling team member who just needs someone to believe in them, or the ‘little’ regional agency giving the big pedestal-sitters a run for their money.

This agency doesn’t ego pander and certainly doesn’t think small.

This is where the little bite BIG.


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