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Our team at S3 Advertising agency have strong experience producing campaigns for brands from the consumer finance sector, having helped organisations large and small sell their money and lending products to audiences from across a range of credit profiles.

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The financial services world can be a complex system of lingo, rates and rules. All necessary of course – but it’s likely to send the average Joe or Jenny into a spin (…or to sleep). That’s where S3 come in; we are your unfaltering voice of the consumers you are selling to. Our job is to help marketing directors and brand managers from finance and money businesses see outside the money microcosm they’ve been living in and into the real world, by turning complex financial products into attractive advertising campaigns that bite big.

How do we do that? Through strategy, creativity and clever media buying. We start by focusing on your product’s natural strength and bring this out in a way that is attractive, memorable and easy to understand.

We also have good knowledge of how financial institutions have to work in line with regulatory requirements, and so marketing directors and brand managers from the sector can come to S3 safe in the knowledge that they’ll be working with a team that understand the special ways your organisation needs to work.

Put all that together and you’ve got a marketing agency that is perfect for the job. Here are some specifics on S3’s consumer finance marketing and advertising experience that will help you bite big in the finance world by attracting customers and growing the loan book.

Customer segmentation and financial profiling

S3’s strategy and media teams have access to large pools of research revealing the consumer behaviour of different groups across the UK. This data tells us things like what people buy, how they travel to work, how many holidays they take a year, whether they spend much on luxury goods, how many children they are providing for and many other (slightly scary) insights. We use this research to make sure our campaigns grab the attention of the people they are intended for. By working with us, our financial clients can also have access to one of the most powerful research platforms out there, Experian Mosaics. Yes, that’s the same Experian that probably houses your customers’ credit scores – but through Mosaics, this customer data is combined with other data sources and turned into usable marketing insights. Give us a call if you want to find out how to build this into your strategies.

Marketing that works to FCA regulations

Clear, fair and not misleading – the cornerstones of marketing in line with Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulations. We get that your business depends on accurate and proper communication and our team works flexibly to navigate that. We know a thing or two about working in partnership with compliance departments (remember, legal folk are our friends) and will build time for best practice strategising and approvals into our campaign timelines.

Turning finance product briefs into consumer-friendly campaigns

Our best skill, if we do say so ourselves, is making the complicated compelling. Ever wonder what high-heel wearing builders have to do with money comparison services? Or what black horses have to do with banking..? Trick question; they’ve got nothing to do with ‘em. But, the way they make you feel has tonnes to do with associating certain emotions with their brands, and creating the memorability needed to drive business. If you want to see how we’ve made finance engaging, take a look at how we drove profits for by introducing the ‘CanCan Man’.

New customer acquisition

It’s the most common brief that comes to us. ‘Help me get new customers’. We bloody love the challenge. And since money makes the world go round, when it comes to the finance sector, there’s often a big pool of potential new customers to speak to as part of a consumer money campaign. We achieve this through a mix of classic brand-building strategies (which are more important in the finance sector that any other, thanks to consumers’ need to fully trust the people they leave their money with) and methodically planned (and largely digital) acquisition strategies to convert those who know your brand into customers. We do this to great success for finance provider, helping them acquire +110% new customer leads vs annual targets.

Creating stand-out FinTech advertising campaigns

The FinTech market is crowded, competitive and always on the move innovating here, there and everywhere. So the brands within it – and those breaking into it – need to stand out to keep up. Our advertising experts have proven their ability to take this on when working with new pre-paid card and app Viola Black. Our integrated advertising campaign caught the attention of the market when it landed with a bang in 2019, prompting tech fans to download the app and try the product and helping Viola smash its new customer target six weeks into launch.

About S3

S3 creates advertising campaigns for brands who aren’t (yet) market leaders. We help them take on the big guys and become the overachievers they damn right deserve to be!

We’re living proof that you don’t need to go to the ‘big smoke’ – and pay London price tags – to get work that bites big.

Our team of strategists, creatives, media buyers, digital experts, content pros and account people share the belief that it’s always worth investing in the little. We especially love making bold campaigns for brands in consumer-facing sectors – like Education, FMCG, Retail, E-Commerce and Entertainment.

Our ethos is built on the certainty that the seemingly little have the power to overachieve – whether that’s the ‘little’ not-quite-the-market-leader (yet) brand, the ‘little’ fledgling team member who just needs someone to believe in them, or the ‘little’ regional agency giving the big pedestal-sitters a run for their money.

This agency doesn’t ego pander and certainly doesn’t think small.

This is where the little bite BIG.
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